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Have you ever used online dating?


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My question is have you ever used online dating services? If you have, would you be willing to strike up a conversation with someone who was disabled? Especially if you knew he/she was disabled right away? Thanks for responding. I would appreciate honest answers. Especially from men.

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Well this question is easy for me to answer! I met my boyfriend of 9 months in an AOL chat room. He has Spina Bifida, is short for his age (5'4"), and walks with crutches, but it has never adversly affected our relationship. We've spent time together in person, so I have already had the pleasure of being around him, and it has been the best part of my life so far! He's a great guy, and in fact I find him incredibly attractive!

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One of the mistakes that I used to make was associating physical disability with mental disability. Like the way that some people try to talk louder so a deaf person will understand them. LOL! I never did that, though. But I was always afraid that a person with a physical disability wouldn't understand me. The truth is, people with disabilities have such an incredible and unique view on life! We think OUR lives are difficult. Seeing someone with a disability who is working hard to achieve their goals and going through everyday knowing that people see them as different can be such an inspiration for you to better your own life. My boyfriend has taught me so much about myself! It's been such an amazing process! And truly, his personality is so perfect!

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Well I just met up with a girl off link removed ...as evil as that site generally is, and we had a great time and plan to go ice skating this weekend!!!!


It was really out of the ordinary for me...first time I have ever done ANYTHING like that....I'm really shy and find it hard to talk to girls anyway, so going to meet someone off the net was hard...but worth it


So it can work!!!

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I met my ex over icq a few years ago. That was by complete coincidence.. a chance encounter.


For a last year and a bit I have been trolling the online dating sites on & off. If you can get over the impersonal feel of it all, the rampant superficiality and if you enjoy typing then it's not so bad.


I keep wanting to quit it completely, but it always lures me back. I've been relying on it too much lately.. I just don't meet enough girls in "real life" and I'm trying to rebalance things. After countless dates, I've made maybe 2 or 3 lady friends.. so you definitely have to sift a lot of wheat from the chaff...and even then I'm still in the process of finding someone nice to date regularly.


Safety is the key here, more so for girls than guys. Just use your common sense about giving out personal info and setting up that first date.

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I'm on link removed (till Oct. 22nd) but even if I wanted to email a girl I have absolutely no idea of what to say in an email. I don't want to be to short but also don't want to bombared the girl with a novel either. I don't even know why I signed up for that site b/c in general online dating doesn't work.

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