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Where to begin....

My boyfriend and I have been together a few months and already there are those stupid, pointless, make you want to scream fights....! To me this is a sure sign of a realtionship that will not last...but I love my baby! I'm unsure of what to do. We talked about going on a break but decided that would not benefit our realationship,the only time we fight is when we dont get to hang out or see each other....I know when I'm with my boyfriend we are happy and not fighting...! To me this just doesnt make sense! Not to mention Im a jealous girl If you even smile at my boyfriend im gonna get upset. Is it because Im insecure or afraid of loosing my everything...I've been told that Im a very pretty girl...what am I to do?!?!


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Ok, first off, try to relax. This may be easily solvable. Try to think about why you and your bf fight so much when you're apart. Is it because you don't spend enough time together? Is he not fulfilling some need you have or vice versa? Do you not have enough interests outside the relationship to keep you occupied? What, specifically do you fight about? Is it the same thing over and over again? If so, identify the point of conflict and have a conversation about it to resolve it...and if it ever causes a fight again, remind each other of the conversation you had. Another possibility is that you're incompatible. Sometimes couples fight constantly because they're incompatible...they just see things differently and want different things from a relationship. If that's the case then the relationship cannot work.

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