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friend on verge of death

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If you are talking about who I think you are talking about then I honestly think its a cry for attention. Your friend needs professional help to sort out his behaviors and feelings. Can you talk to his parents or a school counselor about it?

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Yeah I understand what you are saying. He's looking for sympathy. But you are trying to offer an actual friendship and he isn't seeing the whole picture.


You may have to try a little tough love and tell him straight out - look i care about you and want to be friends with you but you have to be truthful with me and stop the whole making up stories to get sympathy routine.


That will likely be met with a reaction something like "Yeah well it doesn't matter you never cared about me anyway so I'm gonna go kill myself." You'll have to resist the urge to back down and simply let him be for a bit. He needs to understand that there are limits of what is acceptable to friends and that he needs to change his approach a bit. He will come back eventually and talk to you again.


You can still be a good friend and yet set acceptable limits on what you will and won't accept from him. Once he gets past playing games you can try helping him open up a little more.

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