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Ok, I have liked this guy in my co-ed business fraternity in college. I started off first just talking to him and getting to know him. However, when I started actually really liking him, I started going from one extreme to another. For instance I would kind of flirt with him, but then ignore him for a day (or week). OR I would im him and talk to him for almost an hour...and then when he imed me about something end the conversation as soon as i could. He even came up to me at a party and hit on me (well, put his hands on me) and I literally pushed him off and didn't say one word to him. I guess I behaved like this becasue I am so deathly afraid of rejection, I never wanted him to know I liked him. Anyways, this went on for a whole semester, and we just came back for the fall, and he doesn't really acknowledge me anymore. I just want to know how I can let him know I like him (I really want to just let him know now so i won't have to always wonder 'what if'? ) ...but obviously I can't SHOW him I like him...bc of how I have acted in the past...he wouldn't think anything of it. (If a guy acted towards me like i have acted towards him, I would probably just want to stay away from him thinking he was a schitzo or something). So, I was thinking of just asking him if he's always known i liked him and then explaining that that is why i have always acted so weird around him...but I don't want to ruin any chances I may still have with him. Please give me your opinion on the whole thing.


Thank you

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Yah, I did the same thing with a girl I liked. I knew her for only 3 weeks and it seemed that she liked me...but I was horribly wrong, and she thought I was weird. Well 3 months passed and I had her in one of my classes. So I just try to be friends with her, and so far everything is back to normal. I would try to be friends with him again, and make sure everything is okay. Then I would simply tell him your feelings for him. Good luck in whatever you decide!

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