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Saw her at restaurant, don't wanna let this one slip like the others!!!


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I am usually very passive when it comes to flirting...I had several good chances to talk and flirt with girls and I always let go (shy, intimidated, dunno really)

So I decided I'm gonna take a stand this time, won't be passive anymore, and I wanna do something about it...I need some advice on how to proceed...


I never go to this restaurant, for some reason, I found myself parking my car there, walked in, ordered my food and she shows up in front of me, she's really pretty in my opinion...I stared at her for a few seconds (creepy I know lol), she looked back and smiled...I figured she was being nice since she works there and i'm a customer...anyway, she struck a casual conversation about how I am, and I asked how is her day going...I chickened and left, but after I left I decided to get some advice from u guys on how to proceed...I dont know her name, all I know is where she works!


I know it sounds kind of a long shot, but I wanna do this!


I am thinking of going back there tomorrow, and if she is there, I will say that I remember her from yesterday and try to strike a conversation and get her number, any thoughts?


Thanks for your help ladies and gents!

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Just go back and talk to her.


I dated a guy for a while who I met in a similar way. I gave a presentation, he was there and then left. And about 30 minutes later (while I was still talking to other who had attended), he showed up again and introduced himself and asked me out. Then after we'd been dating for about 8 months, he told me he had left and gotten in his car to drive off, then parked and came back because he just felt like he had to talk to me. Haha.

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