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Ugh! I cant get these negative thoughts out of my head

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I guess I just want to write about it. A little history. Several years ago I walked in, well stopped at the closed door, and listened to my girlfriend at the time sc***ing her ex boyfriend. I simply walked away and got my stuff the next day without causing a scene. And that was that. The soon after we broke up she got pregnant and married to some other dude. Go fig. Speed up a few years, new life and new amazing woman.....


As I posted before, I am an alcoholic. And that contributed to my most recent breakup. Well it WAS the reason for our breakup. I was a liar and a theif. I STOLE from the woman I loved dearly. I beat myself up so much for that. Anyways, like I have said, one of the things she told me was I'm dating a MAN now. So now what sticks in my head is her making love to another man. It might have happened, it might not have happened. But the thoughts of her sharing that with whoever he is deflates me. The sounds, the laughter, the joy is now with someone else. (If that is true) It hurts... I would like to think, hope and pray that she hasnt. Dear Lord, just give me the strength right now.


Someone please help...!

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Sorry to hear it my friend. It seems you are broken up about two relationships: one with her, and one with.....you. The latter relationship is of more essence right now. You need to rebuils your self image and redeem yourself. First step is recognizing you did wrong. Second step is making amends and changing yourself. This change will lead to self-love. You need to get there first and foremost. Everthing else just follows from there. Good luck.

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