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  1. But shouldnt you change your name to Rejuvenated Tiger now?
  2. Beautiful thread. And this from bungalo's sig line reverberates within me: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." — Rumi
  3. I hope that the new year brings you much happiness and love. I have seen many posts from you and you are always so stoic and strong and you always have great insight. There is no way someone like that would not, could not, find love. Hang in there. I am avoiding the whole NYE thing this year. But I agree with you that people who look down upon NYE and Valentine's day are being too cynical. When you have a love, you want to find any excuse to celebrate your love. Wishing you lots of love. Best, - curiocity
  4. I miss you. I dont know what happened. I wanted an adult mature relationship. But we could never get a conversation going babe. This guy you are with now, he may make more money than me now, but he has 10 years on me. I am the most successful person I know in my age group - solid income, job, ambition. You dont think I'd be twice as rich as he is in 10 years? But babe, you loved my humor and sex was great. So why are you being so short sighted. Why dont you see the distance? I know i made mistakes. I was protecting myself. I am sorry babe. One last chance to make it right. I miss your ho
  5. Two came back but just to get the power. In both cases, I broke up first. They came back, reeled me in, and boom - dumped my sorry ass. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
  6. There really is a fetish out there where guys totally do hand over their paychecks to women. But if OP is not into it then he is just wasting his time. And fetish is NOT love. Hope you can find peace.
  7. Sorry if I was judgmental. I wasnt intentionally. Sorry nonetheless. Here is my take on this: when cavemen loved, the relationship was simple - male would bring home the elk and woman would cook it and manage the cave. It worked. Then we evolved. When animals love, its pretty simple too - male brings something for the female and the offspring, and the female takes care of the rest. Then we evolved. We found something called love. And this love was just a bit above and indifferent to the exchanges of food for home. Love was bigger than that. One day the female decided to stay bac
  8. Its like start at the $10 minimum table in las vegas. Dont sit at the $100 table your first outing. Its like that.
  9. OK but then it should be less difficult to walk away from her. She wants to be a princess, royalty, and I think many guys end up with women like these and enjoy the whole spending-on-my-princess angle. Heck even I do to some extent. But you did not manage expectations and showed her too much money too soon. So maybe find a new princess and start slower!
  10. I think other guys including me also spend on women and treat them nicely and spoil them. My ex said I really was into giving gifts. Never went over without bottles of wine and her fave food. But OP takes it to a whole new level, where money is a key ingredient of his interaction with this woman. I cant say she is completely to be blamed because maybe the OP gets off on the idea of spending on this woman - almost like a fetish. And she caters to his needs by asking for more, and they are both bound by this circle of spending-gabbing-pushing-pulling.
  11. This thread reminded me of why I am not with my ex, in part. So thanks.
  12. I love love LOVE women but here is a truth about men and women: Men know what they want: pizza, video game, a BJ... Women dont know what they want. They do a lot of the stuff for their girl friends, and a lot of other stuff to let their daddy know they are all grown up. So you gotta be careful and not be in love with her. In this instance, NC will do MAGIC. I swear if you go NC, she will come after you. At which time you will have to say, sorry darling I am seeing someone else.
  13. No, actually most of your posts strike me as being pathologically bitter.
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