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How much to tell?


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Just a quick question here on how best to handle this situation. I'll try and keep it short.


Background - Earlier this year my dad suffered from a major stroke and was also diagnosed with lung cancer. He is getting stronger every day now and will hopefully soon be undergoing treatment for the cancer. Up to now he hasn't regained movement in his right hand side and his speech is very poor (though improving slowly)


There have been some old friends of my dads from many years ago that have heard about the stroke, possibly via things posted on his FB wall (though he rarely used it even before his health problems) a couple of them have contacted my sister via FB and asked about the possibilty of visiting with him. We have spoken to him about this and he is really keen to see some of his old friends.


My question is... How much should we tell them prior to them visiting?

I'm torn between thinking they should be told that it is difficult to understand what he is trying to say 99% of the time, mainly so they don't over react to the situation and feel uncomfortable, in turn making my dad more uncomfortable, when they realise he can't sit and chat to them over a beer like he used to. Or should they just go in blind so they don't handle it with kid gloves. I know my dad would hate that as he is fiercely independent and is still of sound mind mostly (apart from the odd bits of confusion when he gets tired). But he dose get agitated when he can't communicate effectively

I don't know these people well personally so can't be sure how they will react, they all know about the stroke obviously but are not aware of the severity.


So tell them, or not? What do you think?


All advice and opinions are very much appreciated.

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