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Getting over a break up


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I'm trying to get over a break up and it's not easy at all. I've been with my ex for almost 6 years and we have grown in different directions. I have begun to be more attentive of my career and want to better myself while he just wants to live in the moment. We were together while he was in the military and he got out about a year ago. We lived together and I guess when you see the person for 24/7 you see their habits and differences. I have tried to work it out with him and he said he will try to change but the change only lasts for 2 weeks then he is back to his old self. He basically has no motivation to do better in life and I have grown up from that immaturity stage of my life. It's just really hard to get over someone you've been with for almost 6 years. I guess I'm just asking for some moral support to get over something like this.

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