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Need some helpful advice... please? lf you help me i'll try to help you..


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So to start. l am going through a very tough time right now. l am turning 23 this sunday. The only thing right in my life right now is my very sweet and caring boyfriend. l was starting to get my life together, l was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, my dreams were so close to becoming true, l had just less than two months to graduate. l guess l ruined that one now.


l have self esteem problems really bad. They are oh so slowlyyy getting better. l need some ones advice on how to help bring that up and to make my life more interesting? for one thing. l want to become a more interesting person. l am... (hopefully still... will know for sure on monday) in cosmetology school. l want to better myself. l compare myself to others alot and l never feel like l am as good as they are. l feel like l suck at everything, that l am mediocre at BEST. l have to work alot harder than most other people to become "ok" at something.


The thing's that l am good at, l feel like are not very helpful to me in the real world. l can write stories. Where will that get me? l can doodle okay. (l compare myself to others who are better than me.) l can type quickly. l am... in person one of the kindest people. l try my hardest. l really care about people. l am a good girlfriend. I am a good friend (to those that give me a chance.)Those are my true "talents" Really?


Which that brings me to another question...


l try hard, in person, to not let others know that l am insecure and have self esteem problems. l feel that l can hide it well when l want to! Well. My thing is that somehow, l, most of the time, get left out of things. People don't want to invite me places, include me in things, l get left out alot. Ever sense l was a teenager even. l have tried everything. l have piped up and asked "can l come too" l have sat back and acted like l do not care about getting invited, l have been myself, nothing works for me. l also do not fit in with people either. l have my own personality, my own style, l do what l want to do. l am nice to everyone! l do not say thing's behind people's backs, the friends that l do have, l say nice things about them behind their backs. l brag about my friends. The few that l have. l just want to be like all the other 20 something year old girls and go out and have a nice time. No one wants to spend time with me. Sense l was a teenager. l want some one to be brutally honest with me and to explain to me WHY!!!!!! Because l cannot figure out an answer, l cannot get an answer. l hope there is some one out there who has good advice that can help me...

And i'm sorry if this seems confusing to read, l am just winging it off of the top of my head. l am pretty upset tonight and very lonely and l feel like l have a million problems all at once right now...

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I'm really sorry that your going through this right now. It woul be hard for any one of us to give you a reason why you sense nobody wants to hang out for so. Since we don't know you that is. The first thing is, well your esteem. That has to be worked on and it seems like your trying so don't rush that. Takes time. Try not to compare yourself. It can go both ways honestly. Someone out there would love to switch places with you. Could be worse. You might think someone has this or that, personality, looks, friends whatever. It is easy to base assumption off what we see but we really have no idea what those people do to maintain what you think they have. Many resort to things you cannot imagine. Try going to a few meetup groups if people don't invite you out. Take your bf with you to explore new things etc. I hope you feel better.

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