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Message from ex's friend

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We broke up (he finished me) nearly 2 months ago now and today I get a message from his friend saying


"I know it's been a while but only saw him yesterday, sorry to hear about you and . . ."


I don't want to read into it, I've been doing fine! But, he only told his best friend yesterday? What?! He never was very social but that's a bit extreme I think.


I don't really care, it's just knocked me back abit and I needed to tell someone so I'm venting here.


Tell me it gets better than this? I think I'm doing fine and then a little something upsets me (just a bit)

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I feel your pain. Almost 2 months post BU for me too. It does get a little better each day. But each day still feels like 5 days!


I agree that you should just ignore those text's from his friend/s. They could be just fishing for him trying to find out info about what you are doing, etc. Which I guess is a good thing if you are still interested in him...but for now please ignore them.


2 months on you should be feeling a whole lot better about yourself! Working on making yourself a better person

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My ex had said that it would be really difficult for him to tell his friends about us because they'd start to telling him things, he is wrong, he is an a..s...e etc. I didn't believe him.

I met his best friend about a week post bu (I know they had gone out together the previous days), he talked to me and he didn't know... He said to make some plans to spend a night all together (us, he and his gf), ok we are in love but we need to see other people,too. I didn't know what to answer...

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Thanks for your replies rasta and awoken.


I don't think the messages were a scouting mission, just an honest hope you're ok, you're a nice girl, hope you find someone good for you. This friend had a similar break up at about the same time as it turns out (and he was on the receiving end) so I think we just understood each other.


Nothing more has come of it, just wished each other well.


I actually feel better now, I had been dreading contact from anyone but just knowing that I could handle it has made me feel strong


I do feel better about myself, I'm doing gooooood


Anna, if anyone talks as though you and your ex are still an item I think you should straight away correct them. It's between him and his friend what happens between them after that, if his friend pressures him then it is his problem.

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