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He's So Good Looking I Can't Flirt Back!


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There is this guy who is interested in me. I'm super intimidated by him, and I know it sounds shallow, but it is because he is really good looking. I'm not particularly hideous, but he's the sort of guy who has girls drooling in his wake. Needless to say, I'm super flattered he likes me, but whenever he talks to me I divert his flirtations and tend to make awkward facial expressions. Any advice on getting over my insecurities so that he doesn't think I'm not interested?


Some of the super "suave" things I've done thus far:

He compliments me, I say in a bro voice "thanks, duuude."

He kisses me on the cheek, I pat his shoulder and then walk away. (I mean... the poor guy!)

He gets a little sexy while dancing with me, I stick out my tongue and (not kidding) do a bunch of disco moves.


Needless to say he's gotten a little shy and nervous around me. Help! Anyone else been in a sitch like this?

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bhahaha ! put on your "get em" dress before it's too late !

go out for drinks and reveal your inner vixen.

you know what they say, drunken words are sober thoughts, and in THIS CASE..... you want him to know how you really feel.

lol that's all i've got. I'd say something cliche like "be yourself", "touch his hand", "smile a lot", "wink', "flirt".. bla bla bla... but when it's hard to get past the nerves, a little liquid courage isn't too bad !

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True! The last time we were drinking I did dance with him and not run away (ignoring the disco part, of course). And maybe if he understands I'm interested he'll understand why I'm painfully awkward, haha.


The weird thing is that I'm a hardcore blusher, but around him I don't even blush! I mean, I've found a time when I actually do want to look like a tomato-head.

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Did you ever think that maybe it's your coldness that attracts him in the first place? I'm a really sarcastic flirt-er. If that makes sense. I just done believe in stroking egos. There is nothing more annoying to me than a groupie. Anyway my friends always ask me how I always tend to get really attractive guys. I think its just that attractive people are used to getting what and who they want, so when they come accross someone who is not so impressed they find it intriguing. It's like a fun little challenge getting you to like them as much as everybody else.

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That's a good point. And he does seemed shocked when I don't fall to his feet (or maybe it's to how weirdly I respond). I just don't want him to be shy around me. He used to be really talkative and now he's sort of quieter, and I want to get to know him more... I mean I should throw him a bone right? I don't want to seem like a mission impossible.

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Yeah, I mean its not really what you say but how you say it. try having a conversation with him without any flirting. Just about a common interest or it can be random. once your more comfortable talking to him under less pressure, it will be easier to flirt with him. I was in a similar situation like this. And that's what helped me out( We started talking about our crazy families during the holidays lol). The more we chatted the easier it was. I was just able to vibe with him better.

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Ha ha! That's hilarious...and very sweet too. Just try to relax a bit when he's around and think of normal, fun things you can chat to him about that won't put the pressure on you to feel the need to flirt and say the 'right thing' all the time. Then, when the conversation's flowing smoothly and you're feeling less nervous, you can turn up the heat a bit. Oh yeah, and knock off the tongue-out dancing too


I can totally relate because this happens to me all the time too. I'll see a gorgeous woman at work that's giving me the full-on come to bed eyes and then when I chat to her at the coffee machine, she'll go bright red, drop things, stumble her words and get all shy, making it very difficult to get very far with her, so if you've got any advice for me from your side on what this guy could do to make you feel less shy and nervous, I'd love to hear it

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you know what's gotten me a lot of guys? okay.. well for me this was unintentional and ended horribly because my "guy friends" became serious, manic, stalkers... BUT, if I had been interested in him/them, it would have resulted in something beautiful !


Anyway, this might work for you !


I found myself being reaaaally nice to my guy friends. I suppose they took my kindness as an interest in them. However, as nice as I was, I always kept it real. If I wanted to burp or be gross, I would. If I felt like cussing, I would... (see, I wasn't trying to impress them, but somehow, I did? Totally weird.) Then, I would be nice to my other guy friends (they saw that as me flirting and would get competitive for my attention) I always had everyone laughing, so everyone always wanted me around. I was basically always enjoying myself and laughing and not taking anyone too seriously. In the end, a couple guys revealed their profound love for me... which for ME ended in disaster because they got aggressive when I rejected them and started to scare me.. BUT, like I said, if I would have been interested..... my methods would have worked in catching myself a devoted boyfriend. Too bad


Anyway, my advice is Keep an open mind !!! Be cliche, always laugh, smile, giggle, let yourself blush. Be nice to the guy.. guys hate snotty girls, they tend to associate our satirical humor as something negative, suggesting we're stuck up ! But like I said, don't focus 100% of your attention on him. Go and be friendly with other guys, too. Show him you're capable of basically not depending on one person to make you happy. The competitiveness in a guy comes out when they notice they're not a priority.

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