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my (not) ex is driving me crazy


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My situation is rather complicated, and would really appreciate some help.


This started 10 years ago, she wasn't my ex, we had strong feelings for each other and we were very close together, but for some reason we didn't end up together. After that, we moved on with our lives. I studied abroad and continue pursuing my career abroad.


We kept in contact every now and then throughout these years, and during my recent trip back, we meet up and things got a little physical between us. She held my hand, and after that she gave me a passionate kiss. She had been going through some tough times for the past few years. She's currently involved with another married man, and she genuinely thinks that he's the right guy for her.


I'm not sure whether she loves me, although she told me she did love me before, but I'm not sure about now. Why did she kiss me? It really messed me up.

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She does not love you. Look at her actions, she is seeing a married man and claiming hes the right guy for her, not you. She doesn't look like relationship material. Don't see her again she will only try to mess your head up some more, find someone who actually wants to be with you.

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She didn't want to put her hopes high on me because I'm distant away, and she could not accept long distant relationship. This married guy came along when she was going through the hardest time(I felt for her, I won't be able to handle the situation if it were me).


The thing now is I'm planning to return for good, starting a company back there, building a business that I'm really passionate about.

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