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Advice on condoms. I cant orgasm as much with one on!


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Just recently my boyfriend and I were having sex like we always do (with a condom on) It felt fantastic. But we switched positions and all of a sudden it felt HEAVENLY for both of us. We both just about orgasmed in about 8 seconds flat. But he told me to get off for a second and go figure... It felt so incredible because the condom came off. Thankfully he caught it before he "cummed." I was so close though! It took no time at all!


Is this for every woman? Does sex always feel so much more incredible without a condom? Dont get me wrong, it always feels great. But I couldnt believe how quickly he had me just about over the edge without one.


Is there a different kind of condom we can use that doesn't feel so..there? lol. Any tips or advice? As amazing as it felt, I dont need to be getting pregnant so we need to continue to use condoms... I take birth control pills but we would much rather be safe than sorry and double up on birth control.

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Sex feels incredible without a condom for both parties. Put your hand in a latex glove and go around touching things. Thats what he feels. I never quite understood why it is better for a woman but to refer to the glove thing again, if you wet the glove its slippy with little friction, with skin theres alot more friction so I guess I answered that.


For him theres not alot you can do, condoms will always numb sex for him. For you, you can try the ribbed condoms.

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