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I have just started a new internship, which only lasts for a month. I have a crush on one of the girls in our office. I have spoken to her a couple of times, and she was always friendly. We also spoke and flirted somewhat during a work night out in a bar. Things seem fairly positive - I get on with her, but I don't know for sure whether she is interested. I have never asked anyone out before, and I don't know where to take her or what do to do. Do you think she seems interested, from what you've heard? Should I take the risk? What type of thing to do?

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Don't worry about "someone else who moved quicker". Waiting 'til the end of your internship is the wisest choice and your best chance, and somebody swooping in before you make your move is absolutely impossible to predict. So, don't burden yourself with that worry; if it happens, it happens, and there's nothing you could have done to stop it. Kind of like cancer or the Jersey Shore.


Ah, so you're new to the whole asking-out thing. Under these circumstances, I'd say keep up the light conversations and occasional flirtation until the end of your internship. I would ask the last day there (not at the end of the day, though - things can be hectic on your way out, and you might miss the chance! ask her at her lunch-break or something). Your approach? I'd just say, "Hey, so, this is my last day here, but I really enjoy talking to you. Would you be up for meeting up someplace?" Don't elaborate until she says yes, and then suggest a time and place - women generally prefer it when the guy makes the plans and doesn't cop out with a, "well, where'd YOU like to go?" And there you go.


This'll give you a pretty concrete idea of whether she likes you or not. The first question is basically asking, "Hey, wanna go out?" in very innocent but unmistakable terms. If she says yes to this, you're in the clear, and any subsequent "no" to your time-and-place recommendations is probably because it doesn't fit her schedule or because she's allergic to seafood.


I don't know how much time there is until the internship ends, but I'd sure like to hear how this all pans out. Let us know! Good luck to you, fellow!

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