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What do yall think.....

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Okay me and my ex of 2 years had got into a argument one night we havent dated since august. she started catching feeling for someone she liked, we got into a argument one night went NC for 2 weeks. while during NC they hooked up. She end up telling me, so i told her theres nothing i could do cause we wasnt talking. so we looked past it for 2 weeks we was perfect no arguements just hanging out, she eventaully brokedown and said she regreted it. she told me it was wrong and the only guy she wanted was me....so we was good. then she just got cold, she got confused and end up saying she doesnt know what she want anymore. its day 7 of no contact. and since wednesday shes texted me but no reply from me. well today she text a close friend of mine and says " i still love him" why is this... remind you i treated her beyond good

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