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I was so inspired today, I took a trip out to _______ and it was really eye opening. The shopping opportunities are literally endless, even more than NYC by a long shot.


I bought:


a cropped black leather jacket--very simple, no studs or anything crazy on it.

kind of a baggy off the shoulder sweater with black and maroon stripes

skinny jeans (too be honest I'm a little too chubby for them right now)

an off the shoulder black top

a silver ring

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so these are some things I want, but may not necessarily buy


a thin gold chain/necklace (short, not long)

grey, tissue knit tee to wear with the necklace

a new bag--for everyday use, maybe with subtle gold hardware

knee high boots

leather skirt? maybe--

another pair of booties--in suede, maybe in red or blue

I really want these boots I saw on a girl today--kind of like hiking boots but they have a plaid liner you can see a bit of on the outside

jean shorts

plain pair of flats

more cropped jackets/ sweaters--a black knit one would be nice

a coat (purple?)




lol this list is very long but it's mostly just for fun


blue/black plaid shirt

racer back tanks

sadly, ugg like boots for comfort...

a red plaid scarf


Oh I bought a denim shirt also today, which was extremely cute and also good for layering


Holiday dress--

I also need some sweaters--maybe 2 will do

A hoodie

a backpack

crazy patterned tights

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ahh I am so glad the hipster moment has been swallowed up by the mainstream--I never liked that stuff anyway. esp those ridiculous fedoras at the end--and yes, I did have one and a black wool bowler too lol I really like all the trends that people are sporting right now--it's pretty much exactly what I like. like subtle nods to grunge, hip hop or sport rather than looking like you're wearing some kind of costume.

And--I love that everyone is so well dressed now too. I see much better looking people on the street than on the over curated blogosphere.

hooray for everyone for actually looking attractive.


One thing I used to swear I'd never do was go vegan--when it comes to bags but hey, leather is really starting to look musty and kind of weird to me. Not that oil is a better alternative but I've tried not to let my predispositions about what looks trashy get to me too much. I used to be really conservative and I really missed out on a lot of fun.


Now getting dressed is so much fun. plotting some new outfits too--

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oh--and in addition I discovered that I am really, really, not meant to wear heels. I was wearing black booties today and the walk home was excruciating. I think people look cute in those Jeffrey campbell lita style boots and everything but I am just not at all comfortable having my arches stretched to that extent. I kept wondering if all the girls I see are actually in as much pain as I am or if I'm just the odd one out. I was on fire! it does make me walk faster but still it's not worth it


which brings me to this--I need new flats and new vans or sneakers or something.


it's taken me a while to realize I really prefer a more casual look. I sometimes really admire those dainty girls who look so put together but I am just not that ladylike. I just hope this isn't a bad thing since I can't dress too casually when I'm 40 or something. Or can I? but this was seriously a breakthrough. I always try to force myself to try styles I'm unfamiliar with but I finally feel like whatever 'my' look is, is finally coming together. Anyway--it's not my aim to look too collegiate or something but I really just prefer a more tomboyish look. I see lots of people who pull that off without looking unfeminine so I am just trying to learn from them.


so that's my goal. not very exciting actually lol. Basically what so many people wear but it's really exciting for me--I always felt like I was wearing some kind of mask or something, it's nice to actually feel like who you are on the inside actually reflects who you are on the outside.

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thinking about going on a mission to find a pair of those boots I was talking about...


I don't know, it seems silly to stock up on all this casual wear but then again I have a stash of basics/less trendy stuff that I never wear.

Looks wise I'm pretty stoked right now, my hair is incredibly gorgeous right now. I should have never dyed it! god I've been everything-red head, blonde, raven haired. I guess it was kind of fun and everything but it's really shiny, soft and straight now--things are too good--I'm just waiting with baited breath for the other shoe to drop. like--car accident, cancer, acid attack lol, seriously, something devastating must be around the corner.


today I paired a fitted knit black tunic with a slightly low scooped neckline with a black overthingy/sweatshirt---but it looked really put together not sloppy and baggy, hard to explain. I wore thin, dark denim and black canvas flats--still not that cold here. I wore my hair down, straight. To keep warm on my commute, I tied a scarf around my neck and carried a pretty large bag. Kind of a plain outfit but it was cute.

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and tomorrow I'm thinking about wearing this amazing black thing I have--I don't know what to call it. It's like a poncho sweatshirt or something--sounds hideous but it actually looks really normal. It has a couple of square studs on the pockets--but they are in a gun metal color and not overpowering. Underneath that, I was thinking about wearing a pale teal floral tee.


I haven't decided what to wear on the bottom. Ideally it would be paired with denim shorts and black tights but I don't think I can wear that so I think I'll wear skinny jeans--shoes--what kind of shoes. It would be fun to wear converse or nikes but again I don't think I can. So--my black shoes might work. I think longer boots would make the outfit look too busy so I will probably stick to my matte black flats.


I also plan to wear my hair in a pretty simple way. Probably just straight down...but I haven't decided yet.

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today I wore grey knit tights with a denim skirt and flat, ankle length black boots. which was cute. I keep doing this tights/shorts type of combo because it's adorable-but I need to think of more ideas.

and I carried a navy bag with gold hardware


I finally tried on a pair of those fold over combat boots--but they didn't have them in my size! which made me so sad.

great I just found a really cute pair online and they are not in stock.


It's a popular style so it shouldn't be hard to find. I just want ones with the cute flannel liner.


Anyway--I haven't been wearing much make up recently. But I feel like my lack of sleep and poor diet last year is still taking a toll on my face. I feel like I look splotchier than usual. I don't know how to brighten up my skin. I want to get Skinceuticals Retinol but I don't know if I want to order it off Amazon so that I can get it shipped to me here. I used up all the vit c serum in a week.


Thinking about getting a red scarf--that could be cute.

brown bag

green jacket--but that whole thing seems so played out now. I remember an UO jacket I had like this that was gorgeous. I should have kept it longer than I did. Everyone loved it.


I need to find some more inspiration...

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oh one thing I wanted was an oversize sweater in a cranberry/what's that color that looks like a shade in between a dark salmon and berry color? anyway that color. Saw something similar on Sarah Hyland it was nice and I have her coloring, but with darker hair.


I didn't really shop for about 6 months--which is amazing for me. But then suddenly I got interested again. I think because I decided to go for a more fresh faced look rather than a kind of artsy one so I'm in the midst of reworking my wardrobe to reflect that. guess that's it

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today I wore a purple shift, I can't think of a better way to describe it. It has an abstract pattern, and hits rather short, like a baby doll. I wore black tights as usual underneath and my black boots. I carried a black leather bag and realized it was too much so I wish I wouldn't have done that it. It looked a little too matchy matchy.

I tried to look more grown up today without going into matronly territory and I think I picked something very age appropriate.

Paired it with the wrong jacket though. MEH. I seriously am not so good at dressing myself.


I think I am figuring this out, slowly but surely. The dress is versatile because I can belt it if I want for a more 'going out' type of outfit.

another thing I wanted to add to the list: brown leather jacket that has those buckets where the neck is. cute.


relaxing at home in this furry monster jacket--it's so warm. It's like a fleece but it's not--in a greenish gray color. I really like it.

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I just noticed a major typo I made on my last post--buckles, not buckets, haha. It's Saturday morning, and I just want have a pleasant and relaxing day today--and get some major cleaning done, and maybe cook something delicious. I just feel like hibernating today : )


but in the spirit of my thread I was thinking about adding a few more outfits I'd like to wear someday soon.


black and white dress with nike high tops

burgundy wrap sweater--not really a wrap sweater but the kind with slightly ruffled edges that you can belt, with either light or dark gray scoop neck, big earrings--maybe not--and denim.

cream sweater dress with black tights and brown boots, possibly belted, hair slightly wavy

striped black and white top, long gold necklace, dark or medium wash denim, boots

teal crew neck or something I can layer with--maybe, with brown purse, or suede purse

my black dolman cardigan, grey skinnies, brown combat boots

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on the hunt for a good poncho--in a fairisle or otherwise festive pattern.


bought some boots with some black poms--sounds tacky but they are incredibly cute and somewhat discreet. The boot itself has a wedge heel, black suede, and hits mid calf. They are really cute on--they look really sharp and put together.


I have basically thrown out my old ideas about fashion completely. I honestly never care about what type of fabric I'm wearing anymore. Although, I did read that acrylic is really not good for your skin.


my nails are black this week--I'm cutting them straight accross and they finally look less fan shaped and more normal.


currently wearing grey sweats and a teal/green hoodie as I type and get settled in for bed.


My style evolution was basically this:


I used to love florals, etc...and I had a pretty traditional style, and muted palette, very colorful though. I almost never wore synthetics, and I love dressing up in kind of dreamy, off the wall clothes--and I used always wear labels. I never do that anymore either. I used to spend a lot of money on clothes--now I don't. And what do you know, I enjoy wearing the cheap stuff a lot more than the expensive stuff.



still looking for a pair of low heeled, but definitely heeled oxfords--in a sort of yellowish camel color

and a bag in that color too, not to wear together, but...or that burnt sienna color would do too

I am also into that grey/beige color at the moment for bags


I really want some denim overalls--fitted ones

long socks to go under my boots

maybe some knee high boots--although I feel like I've bought enough boots this season


a fleece?

I want a thick wrap sweater with fur trim

and a sweater with toggles


I tried a kind of cute jacket--in dark grey. It was quilted. The only problem is that it's not really that warm. It's pretty cute though, although I'm not sure if I would like it in the long run.


ahh more boots--brown mini cowboy boots--maybe the kind with the crotcheted stuff on them, or I saw these fold over ones I thought were cute too.


Actually what I really want, is an olive green circle skirt

a backpack--maybe made of fuzzy material, or black leather

a new plaid shirt--I am always in search of the perfect plaid shirt which never seems to materialize--


I really need winter clothes, damn. I just never know what to buy. I've been resorting to just making people on the streets uncomfortable by staring at them trying to figure out what to buy for myself lol. It's been good practice though.


short sleeve tees for layering over longer ones--I saw this girl in a teal short sleeve dolman, black long sleeve shirt underneath, greyish dark skinnes, can't remember what kind of boots she was wearing or her bag. Oh she had a scarf--a dark brown one with this sort of baroque pattern. Anyway, she looked basically perfect, incredibly clean and shiny. If she had been wearing makeup it would have looked overdone perhaps, but she didn't so it was amazing.


it kind of sucks now when I go out--I feel like I really need to up my game since everyone is so perfect looking--young or old, rich or, well not poor, but less well off. One thing I love about being short is that I feel like I can wear trendy clothes and people don't think it's weird...although I do hate being the shortest person in the room sometimes



mmm trying to think of something else I may want.


a simple necklace I can wear daily

maybe that's it.


I am getting excited for the spring stuff to come out though.

Luckily I am catching the end of the winter season--which means I have been able to snag some good deals.

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wow I just had this flashback to 1997 or so--and how we used to wear overalls with one strap hanging down!! Around when I was 10 or so. And everyone wore exactly the same thing--the same converse, the same brightly colored tees. I remember everyone went through this phase where you had to buy a guess shirt with the sparkly letters in cursive. Oh god--and silver brand jeans--everyone had a pair of those and you had to wear a size 25 or 26 otherwise you were basically considered a cow. oh dear. That must have been a bit later though, 2000 or so. Nostalgia, curse you for making things seem so much tamer than they actually were.


Oh wow--I guess things really don't change much even when they do--I am really enjoy looking at all these nineties tumblrs right now. You'd think I would do a better job of remembering the nineties since I was a real nineties kid but I really only remember Nickelodeon, Pizza bagel bites, and little things here and there. I remember people being more religious haha. Things seemed more innocent--but I am quite sure that was all in my head.

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today I wore my


long black boots

a green skirt

brown sweater


I didn't shower though, I did not feel very clean.


I did yet another revamping of my style--and basically, I am trying to stop wearing my 'butch clothes lol I'm unable to think of better reference at the moment--I used to be into that grunge thing so I can be draw into thing that look a bit tough--so I am trying to stay away from that stuff since I think I look better in more feminine clothes. I do wish that everyone would stop dressing like housewives/school girls from the 50's though--that trend has gone on long enough. I guess I am never satisfied either way--classics make me feel so boring but edgy looks make me feel like I'm wearing a costume.


found a poncho--but not what I was looking for.


It's white. Not too bright--but not exactly eggshell either.


I was thinking of pairing it with the whole jean shorts/black tights combo----or olive green--like an olive green pair of shorts I have, then the boots etc, etc.

I really need to think of something new!


I have these brown shorts that are really cute--but I am pairing that with an off white knit tunic

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anyway--the funny thing is that since I started getting interested in dressing in a more feminine, but subtle sort of way I am starting to get SO sick of shopping. It's so hard to find things that are on point but not over the top trendy. Building an outfit takes so much more thought and it's just tiring.


not giving up though--I am glad I just decided to copy what other people on the street are wearing etc, because it really takes the edge off trying to discover my own style and failing miserably. but keeping my eyes open can get boring too. then again I cycle through things more quickly than some!


I'd like some basic patent black flats with a round toe.

still looking for a pretty black peacoat too

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I had to run some errands in the morning and I ended up in this district full of amazingly cheap clothes. I bought some really cute wool hats--sort of a crotcheted white one with ear flaps, a red one--this one looks amazing on, another plain white hat, and a blue one with ear flaps--which looks really cute with my down vest. I think they must have been overstock from a relatively nice store--they are really beautiful and in total I spent $20!


So today--I may wear a black turtleneck with a grey sweatshirt material dolman--with short sleeves--over the black shirt. It's the softest shirt ever--I have never worn it because it's such a soft shirt and I don't want to ruin it. Anyway--very casual, nothing special.


and I'll probably carry a saddle bag--in a pale camel, or this dark brown leather bag I have.

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Wow now I look back on my old style and cringe. I feel like I used to be so frumpy.


Today I finally found the most perfect boots for myself. They are brown suede, with a pair of criss crossing buckles at the bottom, and they hit a little below calf length. I don't really have the daintiest calves ever so I hope to pull this off. They also have some shearling at the top.


And--I found some low heeled basic oxfords for every day wear. They are an orangey color--not as deep as I would have liked--but they were so cheap and they look absolutely adorable and feminine.


I also bought two sweaters:


a cornflower blue top--v neck

a sort of retro heavy gauge knit cardi that hits mid thigh--kind of sexy school girlish lol but it looks amazing on

both the sweaters are kind of retro but in a fresh way


and an olive dress sweater dress--very thin though--not too bulky. It looks amazing with the oxfords and grey tights.

and a brown duster--very simple, but rich color--again amazing.


I am so happy right now. Everything is so well made but incredibly affordable, and I feel like I actually look good for once.

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sooo tomorrow I want to wear my new oxfords. But I really feel like right now my legs are slightly too bulky to be shown in public. I think the problem is that my calves are unusually short. I don't think that they are that wide, they just seem like they are missing .5-1 inches of length or something.


but, those shoes look really lame when worn with full length pants. I could roll up some pants or something. I have been wearing my fat pants for the past few months and I am getting really sick of it!! I wish my butt would stay this big though actually. It just sucks having to choose between being a ruler and an inflated ruler with a big ass.


speaking of body complaints--I have a tiny torso, rib cage, etc--but my arms are kind of big, and my shoulders are just a little bit too wide. My hips are too narrow, although I guess they aren't that bad. I can't tell if it's that my hips are too small or if my shoulders are too wide, or if it's that I store fat on my upper arms.


Anyway--as much as I would like to be curvy--I really don't think I am carrying this extra weight well at all. I just look angular, but meaty--Gross. I know how to hide it now though, I don't think anyone would guess my real weight right now.


So tomorrow--should I be brave and just go for the sweater dress? I don't know--I spent a good 6 months not being at all self conscious but now I'm assimilating and feeling the need to fit in. But I wear knee high boots and tunics everyday just to cover up. I'll probably take a picture of myself in the morning to decide whether or not it's acceptable.

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yeah I think I'm just going to roll up some pants...I really didn't want to do that but I just don't think my legs look that good in tights as of now. This is so frustrating, now I have cute clothes and I can't really wear them.


I am wearing my new blue sweater, so far no makeup. Bangs, hair slightly wavy, down.

I think I should lose 10-15 pounds. anyway, I guess it shouldn't be too big of a deal since I don't have eating issues anymore. I really look back on that and wonder why I wasted so much time on that when I was younger. Being thin is really not that hard for me, it shouldn't have turned into such an obsession. Life would have been so much more enjoyable had I not had such low self esteem.


I have a red circle skirt but I don't know what to wear it with.

I kind of want a red dress, or some casual dresses or something but I'm not sure... maybe I'm pretty much set for now, but I really want to get a nice outfit for next week's party.

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felt so pretty today--yay


I decided to wear concealer, blush, some pale pink lip gloss, and mascara. I am trying to avoid cosmetics that contain mineral oil or other toxic ingredients.

When it comes to clothes, I think I have discovered the sort of colors that suit me--like most shades of yellow, blue gray, most shades of purple, sage green, black, white, most shades of red--especially tomato, etc, heather gray, olive, cream, orange.

I don't think I suit beige, pastels, and really cool colors very well. I never feel that I look my best in navy either, although I think I can rock navy suits pretty well.


Tomorrow I'm going to a party, so I think I will wear red or green--I'm excited.

Did some browsing during a few spare hours during the day--but managed to avoid temptation--much easier when I actually like my current wardrobe.

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There are so many cute and cheap boots right now. I have been shopping every other day for the last 2 weeks but that's okay since I haven't spent much.


I bought some adorable pumps too. They are brown leather, and have a slightly chunky heel. The stitching on them is really cute, similar to saddle shoes or oxfords or something. I'm not sure what the pattern is called. They were SO cheap, like $15.


I bought 2 pairs of boots too--flat ankle boots that fold over---these are so cute. They are black suede with a round toe, and small buckle at the bottom, also $15. They are lined with flannel that shows when folded over. Finally! I actually like these much more than the tough looking combat boots with flannel liner. The second pair of boots are also ankle boots--or maybe actually they hit mid calf. Extremely cute too--lined with faux fur, criss crossing buckles accross the bottom. I bought a slightly similar pair of boots last week--but they were longer and have poms/shearling so they are quite different.


I am thinking about throwing out my black boots from last year. They are leather, suede, and knee length. They fit fine but for some reason they really compress my toes. I don't really like the way the leather has been wearing, not very durable actually. They were expensive though--I bought them on sale during a Christmas sale. I really wish I would have just spent 40 dollars on a pair of cheap ones that are basically the same and are less fragile than real leather.


Anyway--I am in love with my boots right now, I pretty much found all the boots I have been looking for. I have one pair of mid calf black boots, one pair of black ankle boots, one pair of almost knee length brown boots, and one pair of brown mid calf length boots. So that's actually only four pairs. but I love how each pair has been designed so well. Oh I forgot I have a pair of fake uggs too--the mini ones. I bought all of them in the last 2 weeks. until then I was pretty much wearing these old silver shoes I had every single day, and some flat black espadrilles with ankle ties.


I am still looking for a really good winter jacket. I have a really nice purple puffy jacket that I love. I'd like a peacoat but I am not sure what color.


I did buy a jacket though. It's shearling--and I love it. I thought I'd look kind of like I'm on my way to Santacon or something but I think it's pretty much adorable. Not to mention it's incredibly warm.

And--I bought an amazing sweatshirt--I can't even describe it because it's kind of unlike anything I have ever seen. It's SO awesome.


Things I want now:


oversize denim jacket--I saw a cute one at urban outfitters online that has lace on the back but I don't think they ship here. It would nice to find something similar to that.

olive jacket--i have one but it has a floral liner that shows in the hood that I despise

jean shorts

grey poncho--or patterned one. I have looked everywhere but I still haven't found one that I like enough

pleated plaid skirt--maybe

a few regular shirts--dolmans for layering

circle necklace--can't really describe this either

black long socks

I'm not sure, I feel like there is more but I can't really remember at the moment.

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i forgot to include what i wore to the party

a cropped sweater in black, red, and white, with a black shirt underneath. olive shorts, grey tights, long black boots. Hair down, side bangs. I think I looked good!


some cute/creative outfits I saw on people today


long white/cream skirt with a black and red plaid fleece/hoodie. Brown bag, brown boots. no makeup

skinny jeans--in med, kind of a very american looking wash, black boots--ankle/mid calf length. dalmation print top, fleece poncho, not much makeup either

black blazer, vintage tee, jean shorts, black matte tights, round toe black leather boots--that lace up? i can't remember, light rose leather bag

sort of a nice red plaid/flannel shirt, fuzzy vest--in beige, oversized. green--yellow green glasses, long hair, jean shorts, purple crotcheted tights, fold over boots with shearling.

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not sure what I am going to wear today


yesterday i wore my new dark chocolate brown ankle boots and they looked so cute. They are also rather thick soled, and therefore very comfortable and good for walking. ahhh I love them so much. They are great for winter and not clunky looking like sorel boots or uggs.


anyway, getting dressed these days is such a pleasure. I just want my hair to grow out a few inches longer, around 4 inches or so. maybe not even that much.

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speaking of style I am ecstatic about my christmas tree this year. I have never, in my life, cared about the holiday. but I really did my best this year to make my tree a work of art. It's pale green and gold with pale orange and silver accents. It has a huge bow (that I made) on top--it has like 10 loops--kind of hard to explain, like those bows you see on presents. Then the tails of the ribbon trail down, with a few curves/twists down to the bottom of the tree. It's like ridiculously gorgeous--It's so dreamlike and calming to look at. It seriously looks like a display at a department store lol--not sure if that's a good thing, but for purely decorative purposes, it works, since I don't really get sentimental about xmas anyway.


and then I made 3 wreaths too. I never knew how much fun it is to make them. One is silver, glass, and burgundy. Another is red and silver. The last one is kind of artsy--with these feathery things wrapped around it.

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I had such a good day--until I saw my family. Now I am in a volatile, depressed, slightly paranoid mood. Ugh, it sucks, it's such a drain on me--I start to careen over into wishing I had a loving family, and then I have to snap out of it and remember it's just not possible. : ( did I mention the tree I'm so proud of? apparently I'm a nutcase who deserves to be condescended to because I overextend myself on decorations--it took like 3 hours on sunday to do them and apparently that makes me some kind of neurotic who deserves to be treated 'delicately'--it's so just depressing. I wish my family was normal so much.


anyway, I've gotta do something to cheer myself up.


Style--I've got a party tomorrow--I think I'm going to wear a white sweater and do my hair in those side braids--like the french braids/to the side, half up. If I can handle it. I'll probably stick to simple black pants for the bottom.

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