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Words of Encouragement/Positive Feedback Support Thread

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Hey ENA Family. I just wanted to start a thread for all of us who are going through either a break up, broken heart of the coping stages. The difference of this page is to highlight POSITIVE FEEDBACK. So often we get the harsh, the negative or the the generic "move on" speeches and while this maybe so, sometime things are not always that cut and dry.




1. Share your issues, how you are feeling, what is on your mind

2. Find a person's thread who posted something from #1 and give them some positve thoughts of encourgement.

#2 May be hard for some of you seeing how you are going through and dont feel like being positive, but speaking positive into someonelse's life can help you bring yourself out the dark. I promise you this as I have been doing it myself

3. Share a thought about how you feel now that you have shared a positive connection of words with someone on this thread.



Seeing in how I started this thread I will be the first to go through the process.


1. Well I am going through the heartbreak of a breakup (rebound guy here). I am confused, hurt, feel like I was used but in my heart feel like there is so much to it. I am sad because the relationship was seperated not by fault but more so by circumstance. I just miss her, long for her, wish we could go back to conversing into the wee hours of the night and all day like we used to.


2. My Response to Myself


I know that you are hurting right now this is normal. But stop and take a look at more than just the pain. Have you ever considered that a) through your pain it is a time in life where you are being encouraged and forced to grow b) Sometimes relationships occur and circumstances beyond our control force them to be seperated which means the relationship needs to be broken (for it and the two involved to grow) in order for it to be put back together and be what it is intended. Remember that nothing is every really gained through easiness. Often times than not the true definition of one's self, character and love is how he handles heartbreak, trials and tribulations.



3. How I feel now after speaking positive


I feel a sense of relief a sense of faith and hope. I also feel encouraged to seek out the purpose of it all rather than run away from the pain that I feel..etc..




We all go through threads and half of them we just ignore. I just want to be a help to those who are feeling broken and torn. Will you add to the love and encouragement? Remember the energy you put out is the energy that you will receive back?

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