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Ex best friends did it again


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What's the best thing to do when your ex best friends, who at a point in time bullied you mercilessly, turn old friends against you?

I recently joined a class at church where a few old friends happen to attend. I've literally been shunned. My ex best friends threatened and harassed me, and of course they made sure I wouldn't have any other friends after. Can't say what they may have told these girls, but it's apparent to me and everyone, including my mom, that my old friends ate up all the rumors. I find myself in yet another AWKWARD and uncomfortable environment because I know they're all still "best friends for life" (or so they pretend), so I keep to myself. However, I don't know if that's the BEST way to handle things. I mean, I have tried, in the past, to make small talk......and even my mom, who noticed a "friend" of mine ignoring me, called one of the girls out for her own entertainment.... which was incredibly embarrassing for me, but it's not big deal. My thing is, is going about my day pretending I don't see them the best approach....is that really "sticking it to the man," as they say? Idk


Worst that can happen is that they start gossiping about me, in front of me..........

or the absolute worst thing that can happen is that one of these girls calls my ex best friends over

to our class events/socials just to intimidate me. In that case, I'd probably freak the f out...and cry later. Maybe.


FML, all this over a guy -________________- a guy which my ex best friends are related to, which the other girls "messed" around with. As a matter of fact, they were ENCOURAGED to mess around with him by my ex bff's. I don't get why ME, the one who actually developed a serious relationship with the guy, gets abused... while the other hoochies just messed around with him and did ''this n that''... ohh, but that's perfectly fine. What the hell? Talk about possessive jealousy to the extreme! But why am I made to be the bad guy? jfkfsdfs,jasflk.dcjs 3

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I feel you--I think some people are just mercilessly cruel and somehow all the resentful people always seem to find each other. Just be glad your life isn't as miserable, honestly. It sucks sometimes having to be the enlightened one lol, but stay away from those toxic situations. Try to stay in environments where you know you are loved and valued.


By the way, it is a two way street though, maybe they don't like you because you act like you're better than them? People can pick that stuff up pretty easily.

At least your mom has your back. Also, bring back up next time! As in a boyfriend, or one of your good friends. It will help you remain calm and feel less threatened. : )

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Yes, I've told my boyfriend to come with me. All he wants to do, though, is argue about how he hates church because it's full of hypocrites and how he hates his cousins..... I understand where he's coming from, but I honestly just want to enjoy something in life again and stop running away because these mean girls are there.

I really want to be seriously involved in the church and I'd appreciate his support. He'll come for me,

I suppose, but we're not on the best terms either with his attitude, so it's all and all a bit awkward.


And maybe I do seem stuck up? Could be...... but I think they more feel like I'm an easy target to push over because I don't really talk back, I just act deaf when I'm being attacked or blind when I'm being mean mugged. Would they prefer I put their personal business out there to hurt them? It's so hard to find a solution to these things.

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