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Is it wrong that I didn't tell my wife that I went to an after-party?

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OMG! Your situation is exactly the same issue I'm dealing with...only mine is 100 times worse! My fiance (or now ex-finace to be exact, even though we are still together) is a social butterfly and will tell me he's going out for dinner with the boys and that he'll be home early. What ends up happening 99% of the time is that he will end up staying out till easily 5am or later. And he sees nothing wrong with it.


I don't want to "police" him going out. He should feel free to go out as he pleases. What infuriates me is that he will tell me he's coming home, but doesn't. This leads to me having a sleepless night because I'm expecting him home, to worrying about him because he could be drunk and not able to drive home, to me feeling like he lied to me about coming home at a decent time.


I honestly don't understand why he does it. It's killing our relationship!


Your situation is simply a misunderstanding. Easy to get over after you apologies for not telling her you were going out after your brother's party. This was "us" about 3 years ago. Now, we've escalated to the point of where I'm ready to break up with him because of this constant disrespect. It sounds terrible as I put this into words, but the feelings I have when he comes home stumbling drunk at 5am or 7am, ruining our next day together because he's hungover, is causing a major breakdown in our relationship.


Yet, it's not right for me to give him a curfew...I never would. But have some decency and do what you say your going to do. Sorry, kinda venting here. We are seeing a counselor and this is one of the major topics in our discussions. Bottom line, it hurts when you don't come home.

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