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Pissed today


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Hi everyone...it's been a while since I was on the forum. I got such great support the last time I was on...sorry I haven't lended a hand for a while.


Anyway, I'm in a lousy mood today. Like many of you, my life/scheduling is complicated and I juggle about 2 dozen things at once on a daily basis. I'm been getting feedback (from my ex-wife...about kids scheduling, my Fiance, Mother), that I am missing things. That is, I'm not communicating well about their scheduling (like when I or other people will be out of town, scheduling for my kids activities or when the dog needs to be kenneled.).


So, I've officially Google calendar'd EVERYTHING, and invited people in so there is transparency to my schedule, and the kids. Anytime I have an event that needs to be shared from here on out, I will send out invites to people, which they can either accept or comment on when they get the notification.


Now...I feel like an * * * * * * * for doing this. It seems very impersonal. I just...can't keep all of it in my head anymore, and know just the RIGHT time to tell someone when something is coming up. Now, everyone who could possible care, will know when I know.


Can I expect to get flack from people on this (my mother is included in this plan). Thanks.

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Hm, no, I actually think that's an excellent idea--assuming that updating and maintaining the calendar won't become a huge hassle.


It's been a while since I looked at the functionality of Google Calendars, but if you can edit/update it via an Outlook calendar, that might be the easiest approach.

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Are they communicating well with you also? Communication is always a two-way process. Google calendar is a great idea but hopefully they'll be on the same page if not find another method that will work between all of you to make sure schedules and reminders are well communicated in advance.

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