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What is her deal, just trying to get attention somehow?


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Same person I was talking about in this thread.




From late Jan. to May we had no communication. Jun to Sept we talked and hung out a few times. Still was major issues. I brought them up in Sept to a brick wall, and said the friendship was dead more or less at the first of Oct. Have not talked since.


Middle of last week she sends a IM, not a text message. Said hope your doing good. Late last week she sends another to say I am trying to say hello.


Sunday. She pokes me on FB, we are not friends there. Her profile picture is pretty provocative (would not be surprised if FB removes it if it comes to their attention), it showed she had just changed it. Shortly afterwords she changes it to something else, leaving the other one open to the public. That is not like her, at least the 9 or so years I knew her.

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Dear Galaxo

I read your one thread and don't get it. I felt that you were not revealing all, and that is a bit disconcerting. I see that you are done with her as a friend, and I know how it feels to find that someone you liked and trusted might not have been operating in your best interests. This is life, we meet all kinds of people, and some of them are friends for a reason, friends for a season, or just party friends, or friends of other friends. Lifelong friendships take a lot of give and take and a lot of trust. If it's any consolation here, it sounds from the long times between contact that she isn't feeling friendship either and that it's actually okay to let go and move on.


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MizzGee, I blocked her on FB now.


Angel, Revealing all in the friendship or the post? If the post, I am done. The reasons since a long time ago have been irrelevant so did not put them. If in the friendship. No I did not reveal all. I knew her well enough trying to talk or work them out would be wasting my time. That feeling was confirmed this last time, when I did say what was going on, what I thought etc.


She wont go away for good. She waits a few months and tries again. I cant be any more clear to her than I have already been this last time. I outright said I didn't want to speak to her anymore, and the friendship was dead. She called shortly after I said that the last time, at a time she knew 100% I would not be home. She knows I have caller ID and I did not call her back. Now she is doing the things I posted to get some reaction out of me I guess.

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She called 3 or 4 times this week, and sent a message. Finally answered and talked to her for a few minutes today. Thankfully she had another call come in and we go off the phone.


She seemed to be acting like nothing is wrong. I do not see how she could think I have been doing anything other than totally ignoring her on purpose. Even today when she was asking me about myself, I never answered her.


I do not know what to do to get her to give up and realize I do not want anything to do with her anymore. I have told her as much. I can walk away with no hard feelings, it is getting to the point I am angered just by her trying to contact me. I do not know why she don't just go away. I have been as blunt as possible now, and when she says she has to go due to the other call she says she will call back later. I tell her dont, and she says oh its ok and she will?

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