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  1. I assume you ask about meeting up within the first one or two messages? Or do you only ask about a phone number at times? Did you meet any quality women on POF? I seemed to only find crazy ladies and hookups several years ago on that site so wonder if I got the wrong impression of the site. Moco is the only site I think is "worse" or "wilder" than POF that I have come accross so far imo. I usually make some sort of offer in the first message, leaving date/time to be determined if I get a positive response back. I am going to go with or without her, so the only question for me is whether to consider her schedule as to when I go. I rarely ask for her number and wait for her offer it to me instead.
  2. OP in another thread you said someone disappeared after 2 weeks, one in this one said 3 months. You wonder why?? I could had met 10 others in 2 weeks in person, I could had met a good potential after 3 months in person much less online even if not looking very hard. I realize safety is a issue, but after 2 weeks, and long before 3 months I would give up every single time. No matter what I thought about you. Only so much can be done to try to satisfy the safety issue, especially when going to meet in public in the first place. When you meet a guy in person do you wait that long? If so anyone left dating you is desperate or dating everyone they can get a date with more than likely (IE, cant get a date, or is dating 10+ people - awesome choices left for you, not). What is the difference between the guy you seen and talked to for 10 minutes or so and the one you each have spent more than probably 20 minutes online writing back and forth? Just stick to meeting people in person, online dating is most definitely not for you two.
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