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Getting flowers for her...


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The girl I've been slowly falling in love with for the past 8 years lives in California due to college. We talk nearly every day and I asked her for her mailing address to send her "something". I decided that something would be flowers, I started looking up stores in her area and it turns out at just about any flower shop, there's a ton of options.


Her favorite color is green, but a green flower on a green stem is like a one year old's color variety. She's obsessed with her birthstone, Ruby. So I'm thinking something dark red, or just red. I dunno, really. I've never sent a girl flowers before. Hell, she's the first girl I've ever liked so much that actually cares for flowers or jewelry. So this is new territory for me.


- What type of flowers should I get her that says I care about her and I'm thinking about her, but doesn't say I'm overly-thinking about you and I have binoculars fixated on your window?


- I want them delivered when she's available, not dropped off and let at her bed or put in her room or something. The problem is, she works a LOT and goes to school even more. I thought about having them delivered to her at work, is that a good idea? Or what's a great way of asking her when she'll be home between the hours of whatever without giving anything away?


- And ladies. Quanity, does quanity mean anything? What does half dozen mean to you? or what about a dozen?



Any and all advice will be AMAZING!




I asked her for her mailing adress over two weeks ago. I did this on purpose so she would forget that I said anything about sending something to her. To make it more of a surprise.

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I would say that flowers really depend on the girl. Does she like simple, modern, elegant type styles? Maybe get her something that reflects that. One plant/flower instead of a bouquet. Or even bamboo shoots with some interesting stones in the bottom of a clear vase to add a bit of colour. if she likes chaotic or more abstract styles, maybe a mixed, but small-ish bouquet would be ideal. Is she a traditional girl? Roses might be a good option. Lilies are also very popular - and may come off as less of a romantic, over the top flower. If she's a total romantic, maybe a single orchid.


You could always ask her, even indirectly. Or if you have several mutual friends, enlist one to help you find out what her favourite flower is. No matter what you decide though, I'm sure she'll love it.


As far as the delivery goes, is she a very private person? If so, maybe sending them at work would make her uncomfortable. Also, what kind of environment does she work in? Would she have somewhere she could easily put them if they were delivered at work? In general, receiving flowers in front of others is not a bad thing, but without knowing the girl, it's hard to say.


As far as quantity, I would say it can make a difference. Personally, I appreciate a single rose more than a bouquet of roses. But I'm all about understated thoughtfulness, and that would be something that I would expect in person. It depends on what you're going for. If you don't want to come accross as over-the-top, I'd keep it simple for now. Although a dozen roses is still extremely classic, so that wouldn't come accross that way in any case.


Regardless, she'll love whatever you do. And just be sure to keep her tastes in mind when making your decision. The other thing you can do is look at flower meanings and pick one that reflects the message you want to send. Regardless, don't be afraid to let her know why you chose a certain flower later. Having a good/interesting reason for choosing something specifically for her will make you look amazing!


Good luck! Let us know what you decide.

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