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I'm not seeing him anymore. Will things be fine?


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He loves me so much, but i dont. i broke his heart. i dont mean to. i thought it's fair that i told him i dont love him instead of lying. I've finally started to distance myself from him. Yes he has done a lot for me, but i did not ask him to do. I've dated so many guys in the past, this guy has shown me the most love and no one has ever treated me this well before. He's obsessed with me, well maybe obsessed with love. I admit i feel lonely without him, though i've got a lot to do with my life. Will things be ok? Will i find a guy that will be as good as him that I LOVE? I feel so alone . it's harder for him, i know because i can feel that he's more hurt than i am. please tell me things will be fine?

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Fine for who? You or him?


It's hard to know. There's not much of a story here. How long were you with him? Did you ever fall in love with him? Why were you with him? Have you been in love before.


But yes, you'll get over the loss. Particularly since you don't love him.


But whether you'll fall in love in the future, depends on whether you're emotionally available. And I'm wondering if you are? Because the things you say like (1) I've dated so many guys, (2) I've got a lot to do with my life, and the fact that you got involved with him when you didn't feel the same - they suggest that while you're looking for a relationship, you're also closed off to one.


But I'm speculating. You really need to give us more information.

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