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Insulted, not really their fault, need to vent!


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I take commissions for hand knit items.

Someone recently asked me to knit a sweater that was very complicated and would take me 50-60 hours of labour time to complete.

I did some research as to what other knitters charge for similar commissions, and what finished pieces go for in specialty stores.

On the higher end they go for over $1000, on the lower end they go for $200. I quoted her $200, which would work out to less than $4 per hour for my time. I could charge more, I have years of experience and am good at what I do, but I wanted to be as reasonable as possible. When I gave them my quote I cited references for what they go for so they could verify.

They bawked, which made me angry!

I totally understand that a $200 is an expensive sweater, but I am (unreasonably) insulted that they expected it to be much less. They had a budget of less than $100.

I totally get that they didn't do any research before approaching me, and probably have never bought or even window shopped at what similar items go for.

Made in china, machine knit items are produced at rock bottom prices and they can't really compare.

I get that they didn't mean to offend, and that it's not really their fault. I'm not angry at them, but I feel like I need to vent this icky insulted feeling!

Thanks for listening.

(I do feel better now)

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From one independent artist to another, I completely understand.


People seem to forget we have to cover the cost of time + materials AT LEAST. And if you want something handmade with skill, that doesn't come from a sweatshop, then yeah, you're not going pay Wal Mart price for it.

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I can see why you would be annoyed, as you potentially seen some earnings too. I'm in a similar field and I try not to get my hopes up before money actually exchanges!

this isn't my main source of income, fortunately, which is why I was willing to do it for the bottom of the price bracket.

I don't usually get my hopes up for anything until I have the final go ahead, I was just shocked that she valued my work at less than half of what I do!

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