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We work in different buildings - oh wait now we don't...

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Broke up with the girlfriend 3 months ago, moved out 1 month ago. Been strict NC since then on my part, she sent out the feelers with some texts and calls to which I didn't respond. She then cornered me outside a pub, I was tough and told her we couldn't be friends or talk and that I needed her to leave me alone. I walked home - she drove there and tried to speak to me again right outside my house. She is hurting bad and while I am nowhere near being over her, I am able to control myself.


I still have massive feelings for this girl but I know we can't make things work. I know the best thing for me to do is focus on myself and move on, hence the strict NC.


We work for the same company but in different buildings. So far this means we never run into each other. That was until today when I went into the office and found all the desks next to my area cleared... her department moves there tomorrow. She will be within earshot and eyeshot (is that a word?) of me.


I have no idea how to handle this - I've never broken up with someone and then had to be around them. Even worse, I think her ex-bf who moved into our house in my place will be there to as he works in a closely related department.


How do I handle my general conduct and attitude now? Any tips for getting through the day? My department moves onto a different floor on the 28th so it's only for a couple of weeks but I feel like this is seriously going to slow down my progress.

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Geez you have not only your girlfriend working with you but her ex-boyfriend before you that ended up moving into the space you left? My, my...


Keep it professional. Icey professional. Do not talk about personal issues with them and do not goto lunch with them. Speak to them only if it relates to business.


I'm not going to lie, this is going to suck on so many levels for you. The first week is going to be hard, after that it'll get easier so long as you maintain your indifference.

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You are right with your advice. The moving date was put back til Monday so she's not here yet. First thing Monday morning though... yeuch. There is zero reason why we need to talk about work, we have no crossover whatsoever. She will find something I'm sure though. She will be sitting about 5 metres behind me - I will be able to hear her most likely but not see her. She will be able to see me. Also in terms of shift patterns there are 6 days when we'll both be in - 6 days isn't much, is it?


I think I'll have to shove my headphones on and lose myself in my work. Acceptance that this will be a challenge for the next two weeks is a good preparation I think.

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