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Baby poop stinks to high heavens


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I'm doing some emergency daycare for my cousin's 13 month old.

I have a two year old and a four year old of my own as well.

My aunt told me what they typically feed her, and what her favourites are, and they are nothing out of the ordinary, and are basically the same things that I normally feed my own kids.

Her poop, however, doesn't smell like poop.

It smells like something died. The smell is so overpowering it defeats the diaper pail. When she goes, I have to take the diaper outside right away, or risk permeating the house with the smell which seems to linger forever!

I find it puzzling that her diet is the same as my son's but his diapers are fine (well, as fine as poop can be)

Is this cause for concern? Could it be a food sensitivity?

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Maybe. My nephew was brought up as a veggie and trust me his diapers stank!!! Once when he was being changed I had to stand at the front door for fresh air...! He was diagnosed as cealiac not long afterwards so it might not just have been his puréed turnips *barf*

Celiac is on my mind. My BF was just diagnosed with that, and pardon my crudeness, but his farts could choke a donkey.


I'm wondering though if it could just be her different body chemistry?


I'll take her to the doctor, but keep the thoughts and opinions coming so I have more questions to ask the doctor.

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Is she healthy otherwise?


I've heard moms say that forumla-fed babies have way smellier diapers than breastfed babies.


Was she formula-fed, and if yes, is she still on forumla? (If so maybe that could be the reason???) Maybe it's vitamins causing it, if she takes those???


LOL something tells me that you may not rush to babysit next time. image removed


Who knows. My grandmother had 4 children and she always made a point of it to remind my father that he was the stinkiest one, since infancy, and that she had to plug her nose when she changed him. Some kids just really know how to bomb out a house.

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Good point about the milk Bella. Mine were on expensive follow on milk and their mum had my nephews on some cheaper stuff that had fish ash (???!!!!) in it. Both their nappies would smell awful, might have been the milk and the veggies but my cealiac nephews were just revolting. Poor thing.

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