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I don't belong here


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Lately I have been feeling like I don't belong in this world. I am depressed and just want out. It seems like I have started college my life is no life. I really don't have someone to go out with on the weekends like I use to. I feel like everyone is enjoying there life while I am just here watching them have fun. I feel like if I were gone nobody would care. I need help I want to be like I use to be but I feel like I can never be her agian, I feel ugly. I don't know what to do !!

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college can be a very difficult transition. i suggest contacting your school's counselors, i think they would be very understanding.


what are some hobbies you enjoy? maybe you haven't made time for them. they might even be something as simple as reading a good book. just take some opportunities to reconnect with yourself.


at some point you could try joining some clubs. they don't have to be anything big. i joined a philosophy club during college and all it consisted of was meeting at coffee shops to discuss and debate. i actually didn't hang out with too many of those people outside of the club, but it was a nice way to connect to people in general.


just take it one day at a time.

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