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Shy guy the semi-sequel (facebook edition)


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I have a question. Perhaps this is me over-thinking things. I've really been trying to distance myself from him. But it's hard not to get your hopes up when you like someone, you know? Meh. Anyway...


So I fb messaged that quiet/shy guy I like about questions regarding class stuff. I sent the message saturday and noticed that he didn't have any fb activity from then until today. So I figured he just wasn't on to see it. He changed his status today but didn't reply. Yes, I'll admit, seems clingy of me to be upset. And yes, I shouldn't be that. I know, I know. I'm ashamed.


Does that mean that he's not interested? And more importantly, should I take the hint? Granted, it's likely he didn't see it, is playing the waiting game etc. But I've made excuses in the past for hints like this.


Let me know what your opinions are.

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What was it that you messaged him to say? Did you ask an open ended question for him to reply to, or did you just give a statement?

It's also possible that by the time he logged on he felt like his reply would no longer be relevant as you sent it some time ago. It's also possible that he gets a lot of "junk mail" from groups that he's in (newsletters etc) and doesn't bother to check his messages, and a "new message" wouldn't necessarily be noticed.

It's also possible that he is like me and is using an app on his phone to facebook which isn't the most reliable message delivery system. I sometimes am not notified about a message for days, and sometimes it takes a full 10 mins to send an im from my facebook app on my phone.

Do you have his phone number? If so I'd text him and invite him out somewhere. Make an actual date, don't just say "we should do coffee sometime" say "Are you free for coffee thursday afternoon?" Something more direct would be a better method to gauge his interest.

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They were actual questions for him to answer. And I wanted to ask him out somewhere, but I was gonna wait until the end of the semester. That way if things go sour I won't have to deal with seeing him still. Although I'm so torn/conflicted. Some people say girls shouldn't ask guys out and that I shouldn't have to pursue him. I know he's shy and all, but I dunno. I'm pretty much chalking this up to a no-go. If he liked me I feel like he'd ask me somewhere or be more forward or something. Or at least be excited I sent him a message, you know?


I emailed him once before and he responded super late. He did apologize and admit that he doesn't check it a lot. But with this I know he's been on his account so obviously I'd feel a little snubbed. Maybe he's like me and just wasn't in that academic mind frame to respond? (Although if someone I liked sent me something, I'd find the mind set. But then I'd make em wait a bit.... this is why I'm single lol )


But meh. I guess I'll just act normal next time I see him. Just say hi, but then ask someone else for help. Y'know, just in case he IS tired of helping me.

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