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No getting back together...but friendship....?

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I really have no honest desire whatsoever to get back together with her.


I've been thinking lately though and I want to be able to like not feel awkward and avoid looking at her when I see her.


I have two classes and it's a pain in the ass trying to get through them because I have to hear her talk and it's just a * * * * * because the last time we talked she said I was immature for blocking her on Facebook.


That's not immature at all is it? I didn't do it to piss her off. I did it to not temp myself to look at her profile.


There has just been increased tension since then, more than before and I hate that.


I wouldn't care if we never talked, I just want that tension to be gone between us. I want to see her as just a person in my class and not my ex girlfriend.


How Can I do that?


In other news, I've been talking to other girls and making friends and living my life how I want. Becoming social again and considering going to my first party. It's senior year...I gotta try at least once.

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Well regardless of the fact that you do not want to get back with her, if you still have feelings for her, you can not be friends, it

will be too hard for you, and from what you said i feel like you still have feelings for her because otherwise you

would be neutral looking at her facebook.

You can't really make the tension disappear, at least as long as you have feelings for her.

Try to get by these classes, and next classes try to pick ones where is not attending.

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That's the the thing though man.

After she called me immature and freaked out, I unblocked her a day later and I felt no temptation to go and look at her page. And when I see something that is related to her on Facebook...I really couldn't give a damn anymore. It's a nice feeling, and I just want that feeling of awkwardness to go away.

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