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i'm a loser


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I am taking a science class and I have a crush on the TA. We are the same age and I am not enrolled at the school (just taking the class to transfer to my school.) Anyway, I have never taken a class like this so when we do the labs I am not too sure what we are doing. He corrects me a lot and he flirted with me before, but I didn't really flirt back (I try to be professional). He doesn't correct the other geniuses in my lab group as much as he corrects me. For example, we were collecting the sample today and he told me I was doing it wrong. Then I said "why don't you show me how to do it". So he showed me then left the group. At the end of lab he came back to our group and said "How was the lab?" then said to me "You learned how to prepare a sample" He doesn't single anyone else out in this way. I did come to class late, which the prof doesn't like so it is possible he singled me out for this reason...

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How did he "flirt with you before?"


Without knowing that he just seems like he's being a nice guy, walking around. It would make sense that he commented on your progress since he aided you at the beginning of the class. It would be unnatural to say that to someone that went right to work, and knew it from the get go, thus he singled you out.


Just be careful, it's generally frowned upon for TA's to have the kind of relationship with students that you're talking about. Depending on the school, I believe he could lose his position/assistance, so be careful.

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Oh, its a science class so one of the labs was a slide where we had to kiss it and lick the slide (to monitor bacteria growth). And he said to me in a flirty voice "Sara(me) I want you to do that slide(kiss and lick slide)" And I said "We already agreed Mary(my lab partner) would do that slide" Also, when he talks to our group/me I always blush. I know it is obvious because its four girls in the group and I see how they react to me after he talks to us (kind of wish they didn't assume I had a crush on him, actually its v. annoying). Maybe he always corrects me because he likes to see me blush?


Also, he always corrects me when a lot of people make mistakes (the class is at comm college) and he does not correct others. He never corrects my lab partner (and she is not good at this class). The fact he is always on my case makes me not like him, but I am also attracted to the authority and geekyness.

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