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Unattracted sex?


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Well I've been in a relationship of 9 months with one of the most unattractive men I've ever encountered, he didn't even have the personality to contemplate for the lack of physical attraction, I was only 16 when he asked me out - but after two weeks I wanted out, it just took me 9 months to finally do it, I was scared, he forced me into things, sexually assualted to me to what could nearly be described as rape. I would never be able to have a physical relationship with someone who I wasn't attracted to, for me, sexual activity is about 90% emotion connection for me, and physical attraction is a must, I only just recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 11 months, but I know I could never enjoy or want a sexual relationship with someone who I found unattractive, whether that be physically or emotionally unattractive.

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