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Horrible Horrible Thought....


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I just thought of something.


I basically poured my heart out here about my breakup, shared intimate details, things that probably my closests GFs don't know because I'm protected by the computer screen.


Although I'm using an alias and changed names, etc., it scares me that my ex might come on here, find my posts, and thus my true feelings will be exposed instead of the "cool exgirlfriend with a calm head that's moved on" that he believes I am.


Has anyone run into that problem, where their ex found their posts? Or is anyone afraid of that too? Or am I just paranoid?

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She's not paranoid. I've been checking out her posts for the past 2 months since I broke it off.


And guess who else is reading them?


It's amazing you'd be so open with a bunch of strangers honey.


Wow you spent that much time creating a second account so you could actually post that. Niiiice.

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