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What can you do with a degree in hospitality and toursim management?


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I'm considering this as a major but I don't know if it's employable at all. What kind of jobs do you get? Does it pay okay? Anyone know someone with this degree?


Also for anyone who knows- is going to a state college significantly worse than going to a university (in the US).

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There are TONS of jobs you can get with this degree.


Hotels, airlines, cruise lines, DMC's, transportation companies, special events, meeting planning, site selection services, restaurants, catering, convention services, etc. And within each of these fields, there are tons of ancillary opportunities as well, as there are so many pieces that go into supporting the hospitality world.


And I don't know what you mean by a state college versus a university. I went to a state university. Most state universities are good schools in the US. If you mean community college, not so good, but honestly - a college degree these days is like the equivalent of a high school diploma from 50 years ago, so unless you're going to grad school, where you get your undergrad degree generally doesn't matter too much. Employers just like to see you've gone to college...

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Where I live there are lots of places looking for people with this accreditation. I live in a tourist town. Tour companies, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, public info centres, any type of tourist attraction such as museums or gardens...you could work pretty much anywhere in the whole of the downtown core where I live with this.

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