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"Facebook me"


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This weekend I ran into a girl that I haven't seen in several years. She was serving at the Irish pub I was at with some friends. I noticed her, and went over and talked to her. When she saw me she smiled and gave me a hug. Just a little bit of small talk, then she had to keep working. A little later I went to the bathroom, and crossed paths again. She smiled and looked like she intended to just keep walking, but I stopped her. Told her "Everyone you see here must say this, but we should hang out soon." She agrees, then I said "we'll catch up!" and she agrees again. I start walking away and she says "Facebook me!" I said I would.


We were already FB friends, so I'm just not sure what exactly she means by FB me. What should I do?

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Sent her a quick private message a couple days ago, and she got back to me today. I said: Hey her name! It was great seeing you the other night. Too bad we couldn't talk more, though. Drinks this weekend?"


She said, "Yeah! Throw me a text! I have to work tomorrow night [sat night] but we'll get together soon!" then she put her number.


She can't do anything tomorrow, and Sunday is busy for me, so what's my next move? Text her during the week?

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first make sure that u have the right num. check again. And I don't think u should text her. U already did and is rude for someone not to answer back. Just wait and see what she says. Don't text her because u will look too into her but yeah if I like someone I will not take more than one day to answer back even if I"m busy.

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