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Gossip's A Beach...

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Ok so, I have been working at a Shop Rite Bakery for a little bit over a year now, and a new job as risen which will give me more hours and better pay. So i gave my two weeks notice at shop rite (Now have only a couple more days left), and my friend just told me, about 20 minutes ago, That someone heard i got fired. So what the poopsack??? Is the shop rite i work at so cursed and twisted that people need to gossip about me? I barely talk to anyone there! And then i have something good happen to me and then people are spreading negative things like i got fired. Why? I feel like it's a fricken' middle school or high school. Is the real world full of people who are like this still, even as adults? Or is it just this shop rite... Or even New Jersey (I feel NJ is cursed as well with tonsssssssss of rude people haha). But yeah...



-Pinata Giraffe

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Well... not to be rude but the people you work with aren't very intelligent. I mean... if you had been fired, why would you still be there? When you quit, you give 2 weeks notice. When you are fired you are just gone.


I wouldn't jump to the conclusion it was gossip. It might have been a simple misunderstanding. In other words, maybe someone said "Ooh! I think I'll be working with Jodie" and someone else replied "Oh, no. She's gone". And the first one just assumed you were fired...


Don't assume the worst. Nothing good comes of that. Just make a point to say goodbye to everyone and tell them about your new job if you are worried about your reputation. The smart ones will figure it out.

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