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Last talk after/before the break up


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I was in a long distance relationship for the last 4 months. My BF was not content with LDR (says he loves me, but feels like our relationship is not evolving anymore, and doesn´t believe we can make it) and decided to break up, even though we were supposed to spend couple of weeks together during the summer.


Tomorrow is the last talk about breaking up.

Do you have any ideas how to go about it?

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Uh...in a less abrasive light...I agree with scarlett. If he's already made up his mind, unless the talk consists of you guys brainstorming on how you can fix that rift that the distance causes (the difficulty in evolving and the distance itself being its own obstacle) then I'm not sure that the talk actually needs to occur because it's only going to hurt you both more, don't you think? If, however, you think that the talk will be a way for you guys to try and come up with ways to push past that hurdle and work on things, then maybe that's exactly what you need.

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I know, both of you are right - the situation is really hopeless. It is just difficult to admit it, when he is stating, that he loves me and that his feelings are not the issue, which is causing the break up...


Sometimes I think, that it would be easier to accept, that his feelings changed because of the distance, or that he met someone else.

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