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Am i being unrealistic or can i actually achieve this?


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I recently travelled to Western Canada and it was the best experience of my life, I can really see myself living and working there. I met a lot of new friends plus a guy which I'm missing like crazy...but that's not my main motivation for wanting to move.


I haven't got a lot of money, I could afford a plane trip in a couple of months but I would want to get a working holiday visa before i did that and seriously look at searching for employment and an apartment for myself.


I have all these factors though holding me back like that I dont have a university degree and no experience in anything else except customer service and retail, other than that...i have nothing desireable for an overseas employer.


I would be happy to work in a store or at a hotel...anything but I think it could be quite difficult as I am not a canadian citizen.


I just really want to make this happen..but I don't know how.


Any advice?

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It depends on what country you're coming from. If a commonwealth nation you have some options, if not, not so much. The job situation isn't easy, as employers are required by law to offer jobs to the Canadian population before considering non-Canadians. A step that discourages employers, unless you have a special skill set. And yes, Western Canada is really nice. Can be expensive though.

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Contact places in Whistler, Banff and Jasper as they take a lot of international people. But since you are not a Canadian citizen, do make a feasible long term plan so you know what you are getting into, especially if you are in a budget. You might even want to get education or training ahead of time. People with the right qualifications have been able to move to Canada permanently. Don't rush and do your research.

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