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If someone was molested at age 2 of 3 ...


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Yes, you may still remember it even when you're that young.


However, if you don't remember it, don't underestimate the power of the subconscious mind. Sometimes we "block" things out when they are too painful to comprehend so we block them to make life easier. But those events can still hurt us and the pain manifests itself in various ways over time unless we deal with it.

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You know, this is really interesting. I've read somewhere that people who were raped or sexually abused at a very young age sometimes do not remember the incident but it does leave significant emotional and mental scars. I think I found a list of "emotional signs" that are found in a person when they were abused but could not recall it for some reason;


- Depression

- Self-harming behavior

- Self-destructive behavior (Drugs, becoming an alcoholic, etc.)

- Using sex as a means to "connect" with others even if those people don't want to get close.

- Having unusual fetishes, including ravishment (fake rape), as if wanting to "replay" the scene.

- Feeling like an outsider to everyone.

- An abnormal amount of rage.

- Disastrous romantic relationships with others.

- Developing serious mental illnesses.

- PTSD symptoms.



The list goes on and on.

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Just because you are too young remember something doesn't mean it can't affect your life. There are tons of things one learns about the world before they remember. For instance, most people don't remember saying their first word, but language development is a huge milestone for children.


Likewise, interaction with other human beings is part of learning and abuse can affect that.

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I am a 52 year old male who was left with a sexually abusive uncle when I was 3 or 4 years old. Since I was 19 I have dealt with depression, OCD, fear of intimacy, fear of sex and other issues. I have no memory of the abuse only references to it by the abuser. My life has been unhappy and I have never felt like I know who I am. I am at the point where my unsuccessful life has about defeated me. I was laid off from a meaningless job I held for 23 years over a year ago. With a college degree I can find nothing to do. Now without health insurance I will most likely lose the house I share with my Wife and 12 year old son. My wife has never understood me. I had hoped she would help me recover but she just doesn't get it. What do I do now!!??

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