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How do you pay NC at work?


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So i was seeing this girl from for about 2 months, it was going great she came to my graduation. She recently got a new job, started acting distant about 2 weeks ago, shes now simply ignoring me. No argument, no fall out no nothing. Thats weird enough, I dont know why girls do such stupid things all the time plus she is still employed at my work.


How do you play NC at work, i think simply ignoring someone is pretty childish and pathetic, i just wanna play it cool?


I think a non-reactive, avoid all discussion of her ignoring you is best? Thoughts?

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I work part time with my ex. In my opinion is the best thing to do is smile, go about your business and act like nothing happened. Just play it cool and 'fake it till you make it". It is a challenge but if you believe in yourself, you can do it. Don't go out of your way to talk to her or engage her in conversation but be polite and friendly if she talks to you. Never bring up the relationship or the past and if by any chance she does, smile and calmly agree with the break up.


Never let 'em see you sweat. It's all about self preservation.

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I think you need to be direct and calmly say to her that you have noticed her change in attitude towards you and want to know if you said or did something to cause this change. Ask for her to be honest about it. I am not sure you want to be with a person who has demonstrated an inability to communicate her feelings to you since this is such an important skill in a relationship.

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