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Getting worked up?


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I was wondering if anyone could help me on a bit of a situation I have got myself in.


I am currently applying for college soon and have already been rejected from my college once so this is my 2nd time. It is a tough competition and very selective and involves having a very good portfolio. Some people who were accepted were kind enough to show me theirs and I was stunned. I really do not want to blow my own trumpet at all, as I am not like that, but my work was of a considerable more high standard than theirs.


As I build my new portfolio I am worrying more and more and feel worried all the time and stressed. I have to fly to the college this time around for the interview and am terrified I will appear too nervous or try and 'over sell' myself and appear desperate. This college at the end of the day is what I have been building up to for the past few years and being beaten by people with worse grades and bad portfolios is heartbreaking and confusing.

I just feel I deserve this SO much and it is a chance of the life I want to lead and finally move away from where I am now and would fear the what would happen if I had to stay where I am. I really dont think I could handle being rejected twice, as I already feel I should be there, and feel I am currently wasting time.


Its gotten to the stage where I get so angry at the people who have got it in, and so worried I won't that I am having trouble sleeping and just get so mad and fustrated all the time.


Sorry for the rant its just this is eating me up and really need advice.


Many thanks!

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Hello WappyWippy (such a unique sn, how'd you come by it?!)


Okay, back to the topic of your post here:


Can i ask what kind of college it is?! And what must be contained in the portfolio?! Is this the ONLY place you want to go to do that course?! That's great you have been fortunate enough to look at other peoples, especially those who have been offered places. That's understandable you feel that way, it does often seem to go that way in life, i've learnt that much over the years and still now and some people are just lucky and get into things what appears SO easy compared to some others that SO easily get rejected! That really is awful, i personally can relate to that!


Okay, now what needs to go into that portfolio?! Is there a set "criteria" of things to have included in there?! If so, make sure you have all that should be there and perhaps (if you can) seek help from others, the people who HAVE got in may be able to help you with that?!?!?!


Oh you poor thing, it sure IS challenging and hard! i know this is easy said than done (but take it from someone in a similar 'boat') just try relax, when in the interview just focus on what they are asking and TRY (hard i know!) reply back as brief (yet specific) as you can! When is your interview?! i shall pray for you. i know that is one of the most heartbreaking and confusing things is when others appear to get "stuff" with what appears little or no effort and you have to do ALL the hard work! Just try be yourself...i know though is is harder to keep getting back up and try time and time again!


i know rejection hurts, i was only thinking about that word exactly today! Each time when you have to do something that MAY and/or DOES involve rejection it's like preparing for the worst, i know, it's hard not to be cynical, but just GO FOR IT...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!


yes, it's hard to sleep sometimes with much on the mind, just try hope for the best! i hope things work out for you, but as hard as it is, DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!


God Bless!

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