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Help she contacted me!!

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Did she break up with you? How did she do it? Was it in a ruthless way that left your heart bleeding on the floor, or...? To me the answer would depend varying on the answer to these questions


If you are dead set on getting over her forever, once and for all, then do not respond no matter how bad the temptation.

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Do nothing. She didn't ask anything or say anything that required a response.


Post your history so we can get an idea of what happened.



You can check in my profile for threads the later ones though. Recently i broke NC yesterday cause of a weak moment ](*,) and me and her had a good talk but she was send mixed signals cause went i said some kind words to her she responded "lays down on u" and when i flirt and do things she would repsond with moans and blushes and even requited it too. Then when things got more intense she responded with a i... can't.... cause of her new bf (the one she left me for) and she feels bad cause she doesn't want to be unfaithful to him after i said it's ok and said some more heart-felt things to her she repsonds - a face and "grabs u and flies away with u" and later on she puts lands- and a couple of more exchanges i ended the conversation.


Then today you know

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She seems very immature, and honestly I think she likes toying with you.


You're on an emotional rollercoaster with an attentionwh*re. She told you she won't be unfaithful, so she's sticking with the new bf, and leading you on.


Emotional Support from you, Physical support from him. You may have a great conversation, but at the end of the day, she's going home with someone else.


You're putting her in a position of power...and setting yourself up for failure.

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She won't friendzone him because they still flirt with each other.


In order for him to become friendzoned, he would have to stop being flirtatious and stop using any sexual connotations. He would also have to become a doormat, and sexually emasculated in her eyes.


Now, what he he has become is an orbiter for her, as well as a potential placement holder if she were to break up with the current guy (who is not all he's cracked up to be, which is why she is still flirting with the OP). If the break up occurs, the OP would fill in as a temporary boyfriend until she meets another new guy (better yet, "The One") who she falls madly in love with. Once she meets this new guy, she will drop the OP completely and the other male guys that hang around waiting for her to break up with her current boyfriend.


The only way for the OP (or anyone in a similar situation) to get his ex back (why anyone would want this is still beyond me, but whatever...to each his own), would be to completely disappear from her life for a couple, or a few years, and come back as the new guy, or "The One."

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thanks guys I felt played and that's something I don't allow myself to get into it when I see it anyway I ended the conversation that day cause I was mad.


I realized when she left me for someone else was it like a big spit to my face cause how quickly she bounce into a another one (mins after she broke up with me she told him and bam and she told me this is very hard for me to do this.... Bs)


I have so much anger now and the very sad part is I still love her ughhh

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