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First Date Question


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Hey everybody! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm finally kinda sorta dating and have a (possibly) silly question for anybody that cares to answer.


So, I met him online a little over a week ago, we got together once last week and he suggested we go to dinner this week. Problem is, he told me to pick the place and I have absolutely no idea what type of restaurant I should pick. I could easily go eat at say... Applebees, but is that a good place to go for a first date?


Also note that he is a vegetarian.. okay, he eats chicken but still calls himself a vegetarian, lol. I'm not at all familiar with a vegetarian diet. Should I let that play a factor in which restaurant I pick?

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^ I have been craving some popeyes lately.


Thanks for the suggestions. I'm sure he would be okay with whatever, but I always seem to put other people's wants before my own, thus getting myself all worked up over nothing.

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