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Does my friend like me?


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This has been going on for a year now, and it's kind of different. Well beginning in my last year of high school, this girl (shes a few years younger than me) I've became friends with would always act strangely towards me. The first thing, I talked to her one day and asked who she was going to homecoming with, and her friend decided to say oh why are you going to ask her? I said no I had a date already, it turned awkward and after that day for almost both semesters she didn't talk to me and when I tried to say hi to her she just sometimes ignore me or made things awkward. So I thought that was messed up and I just didn't care for her. One day she out of the blue says hi, well me being me, I said wow after all this time you finally decided to talk. I later apologized in her year book because I was graduating and didn't want to hold a grudge. She later contacted me but sometimes she would act a little scared around me at the same time she would try to get my attention a lot. I'm really confused has she had some sort of crush on my or is just weird?

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