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What is wrong with me ?

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I had to go to my primary doctor for my thyroid medication. And one thing he told me was that he was worried about my mental health (biploar) and says he's afriad for my life because of my sucidal pasts. He says that I need to see a pscyatrist right away. Because my condition is worsening. And because of my condition of being bipolar is going to lead me into another mental breakdown. And trying so hard for not to prevent it till Monday. I'm frustrated with everything that has been going on around me.

All I want is nothing but sex. I'm constantly irriated and frustrated. I cant sleep well. I'm having a hard time keeping food in my stomach and have had lost 7 pounds already and not trying too but usually when I do become this frustrated I tend to eat. I'm frustrated with me dad. When ever he drinks he ususally takes his frustration out on me and I end up yelling at him. I am this close in loosing it very soon. I dont like to be home I just want to stay out till morning and be by myself. Its like I'm being sufficated here. I have been hospitalized before and I do want to go back again for a month or 2 to get my life back in order again and seemingly I cant do this on my own. My mom thinks that nothing is wrong with me. I cant get along with anyone. and honestly i'm starting to scare myself here.


And dont ususally talk to her about my pesonal life problems and dont need to cuz its none of their business as to whats going on in my personal life. I'm trying the best I can to hide it and not effecting me till Monday I dont know how much longer I can take this. I quit talking to this man cuz I had to and told him to get away from me. Any advice on how I can control myself until Monday? Help !

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I've heard that thyroid problems can cause depressive symptoms, so that's one more reason that it's important to take address the problems as your doctor advises.


As for what your parents think, it doesn't matter right now-- what matters is that you don't feel okay. Which means that even if your mom thinks you are fine, you have to pay attention to the fact that you do not feel fine.


It sounds like your home life is very difficult, and would be very stressful for someone

even without the added stress of physical and psychiatric disorders that you are coping with.

It does sound like your doctor has your best interest in mind, and I'd agree that you should go see a psychiatrist.


Firstly, because you would really benefit from having someone that you can speak about your problems openly with, but

also, a psychiatrist will be knowledgeable about various medications, and the way that they may be affecting your mental state.

This is an important qualification, since some of what you are dealing with is based on physical/chemical imbalances.

Please, listen to your doctor, and take care of yourself.

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