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She is ill ...

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She just called me.. told me she has been very sick for last 7 days or so [from fever]. Her voice was so down...helpless.. [not because she was ill.. but because she had no one close - I guess/feel].


However, she lives alone and her mom will be coming to stay with her for a couple of weeks tomorrow. I was relieved to know that. At least there will be somebody to take care of her.


I feel very strange and weak again. Don't know what to do. Dont know if I should have talked to her more. When I was talking to her, I was feeling like taking her in my arms like old days and say, baby, see, we're so close, together, there is really nothing to fear...?


I know it's pointless to ask, yet, is thee anything I can do now? or need to do now?

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