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Webcams, strangers and shyness... Oh my...


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I'm pretty shy. Maybe socially anxious. Anyways I have an interview coming up and the organization preferred if it was via webcam. I've been wanting to have a reason to have a webcam anyways as a way to push my social anxiety. So I got the camera and last night I finally got the courage to go onto Omegle to try it out. For those that don't know Omegle has a feature where it randomly connects you to a stranger with a webcam and then you may converse.


So my first two consecutive tries I was randomly connected with 2 sets of pre-teen or teen girls. Both times they immediately asked if I was married and expressed disbelief that I was single. Both times they explained their disbelief because I was so "handsome". Now aside from this making me feel like a pedo and freaking me out it was actually kind of nice to hear. I was a little annoyed that I was supposed to be married since the implication was that I was an old bachelor, but that's just kids I guess.


Anyways I mention this because I think that in the end it was kind of fun. It made me nervous as all hell to try it, knowing that my image was going out over the net and that I'd have to improvise conversation with strangers on the spot, but otherwise I think the overall experience was positive. It was nice to be complemented, even if I would much rather not be talking to kids. No offense to the kids, but most people would see an older single guy talking to kids as freaky. That's a reputation I really don't need.


Otherwise... Try it out. I'll be giving it another try soon. I'm still nervous using it and I'd rather be more comfortable for my interview.

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Omeagle (and chatroullete too) don't let you control who you end up talking to. It can be teen girls like OP mentioned or middle-aged men or naked men for that matter. Anyway, that sounds like a good way to practice an interview over webcam. Good luck!


That's correct, you have no control over who you are connected to. A friend of mine made the great suggestion that a good way of tackling that situation would be to find a way to turn it positive. I could have tackled the awkwardness by taking on a mentorship role. I could have explained that I wasn't married because I had focused on my education and bettering myself. This should calm peoples tendency to think the worst about the situation and taken the interaction to a positive place. Certainly something I need to practice.


It's not an environment that is safe and controlled. Even so I think it was overall a positive experience for me, and one that I'm going to try again when I have time. It will be a challenge for sure, but I find I like learning that way. If you do as well, give it a try. I challenge anyone that tries it to find a way to make any interaction a positive one.


As for my interview... I'm as prepared as I'll ever be and quite nervous. I've spent months in preparation for this and I certainly have the jitters. Wish me luck.

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