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will things ever be the way they were before we started a relationship

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I am 100% better about the break up of our relationship but now i miss him more and more as my best friend.


In anyones experience have they been able to restart their friendship?


He has a new girlfriend (two weeks after we split) we were together 2 years and that hurt. It has been 3 months.


I want to pick up the phone and say hi and talk like we used to. Even when we were both seeing people before we got together we did this and it was lovely. I miss it.


Oh dear... any advice??

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If you're sure you are over him then just pick up the phone, dial those digits, and hope he picks up.


If he doesn't pick up, there's probably no need to leave a message, just try again in a few days. If he does pick up then start with some pleasantries, then make it clear that you think the break up was for the best, but you'd hate to lose the friendship.


It's his decision from there, but you guys will likely slip into a friendly conversation in no time and can decide if you want to meet up or not. Good luck

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