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Heavy bleeding between periods

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hi there

was wondering if someone could help


have had some really heavy bleeding between periods for the last few months

its really heavy with clots and lasts for up to 2 days, my regular periods are heavier too


i sometimes have slight pain during sex and bleed after too.


i went to the docs to request a cervical smear (u have one every 3 years in the uk) my last one i was 23 im 26 now.


she refused me one and said i have to wait to be called for one and that wont be til im 27?


im not sure whether to go and see another doc and demand one?


i also bled after the pelvic exam so im quite worried? this cant be right?


she just said i should change my pill but i feel she didnt take me seriously


im not sure what to do




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Journogirl - don't let the doctor fob you off. Make another appointment at your surgery with a different doctor and explain what happened and why you are unhappy. Also say that you are thinking of making a complaint... this will scare them.


Unfortunately not all doctors are good. She may well be correct in that it could be your pill (breakthrough bleeding) but she should have explained things to you properly and alleviated your concerns. I am very surprised that she didn't recommend any further testing.


It seems to be the case that those who shout the loudest get better treatment in the NHS.

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